I’m heading up moel hebog, which is welsh for ‘Bare Hill of the Hawk ‘ it’s not a hill though its a mountain. It’s stands at 783m and looms over the tiny village of Beddgelert. And I’m thinking to myself that maybe I’m a little bit un fit but then when is before I probably doing a mountain a month or something every I know I’m at a point down doing one every week. I’m also trying out a new text to speech up to write the blogs with hand it doesn’t understand Welsh words. In fact while writing this it decided to change the name of Moel Hebog to Marvel’s Hedgehog to Moyle Hedgehog. And I’m laughing to myself as I see two hikers coming down the mountain while I’m ascending. Which is probably a bit concerning for them as they must think I’m some kind of dangerous crazy person. We stop to say hello as the their dogs decide that they like me. It’s funny how people talk to each other on mountains, it must be because we’ve got something in common. The weird thing is that I could see the same two people down in the village and just randomly said hello to them they probably look at me like I was a serial killer. At this point though they are probably wondering if I am anyway considering they just caught me laughing out loud at seemingly nothing, in the middle of nowhere.

They say their goodbyes and I think about how knackered I am having I had about 3 hours sleep last night. Work has been very stressful, to the point we were in a kitchen and the orders coming out of the printer were actually touching the floor. I’m not feeling particularly fit anyway and I have to remind myself even though Im quite soft at the moment, a year or so ago I was running ultramarathons on only 3 hours sleep. I guess I’m going to have to learn to enjoy pain again!

Looking back behind me, now I’m about half way up the mountain, there are already some great views over Beddgelert and the weather is looking quite good for once. Its not long before I hit the part of the trail where its all loose boulders and scree, but its not particularly hard to pass through. When I finally the summit of moel hebog the sun is beginning to set and I can see out across the Sea. Heading back now as its getting dark, I stop for a moment just below the summit to have some lunch and neck some painkillers to try and dull the arthritis pains in my feet. It’s not long before these kick In and now I’m absolutely loaded full of opiates the doctors given me I’m bouncing down the side of the mountain in a really good mood. Probably a mix of being drugged up, feeling like I’ve achieved something and knowing the pubs getting closer.